VARIETÀ Incense Pack

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Using incense in meditation aids in the relaxation of the mind and body. It cleanses and clears your space from stagnant energy whilst also clearing the thoughts and emotions from the busy mind. I always start my meditation practise with burning lose sage leaves to clear the space of any dense energy. I then light my incense to add a sense of ritual. The aroma softly calms my mind and gets me ready for a beautiful meditation practise.

The VARIETÀ pack offers 4 varieties with 40 bamboo incense sticks in total;

Jasmine is one of the most beautiful flowers found around the world. It gives a very calm and happy vibe perfect for lifting the energy in your space.

Lavender is all about deep spiritual healing, purification and easing tension.

Rose incense soothes your heart chakra and creates a safe and secure space for self love and healing.

Earth variety is a smokey mix which is amazing for grounding yourself at the start of your meditation practise. This is a personal favourite as it deeply anchors me before I go within.

Light your scent and feel into the intention of what that particular incense offers you. Allow the aroma to calm your nerves. Breath deeply and slowly. Softly close your eyes and remove all resistance as you ever so gently, begin your journey of going within.