EGO self versus HIGHER self.

Our ego mind is not to be confused with the common concept of arrogance or inflated self entitlement. Our ego mind goes a lot deeper. It is the part of our mind that likes to control everything. It is focussed on fear based thinking and is the loudest voice when we don't meditate. It is our personality and what we attach our "learned identity" too . The ego gets a bad wrap, however it is part of us and who we are and must be embraced. When we meditate we learn to quiet down our egoic mind and give voice to our higher self and subconscious mind.

Some of the behaviours of the egoic mind:

  • Judgmental of self & of others
  • Victim. Likes to blame others
  • Complains
  • Focussed on Past or Future
  • Feels Small. Never Good Enough
  • Needs EXTERNAL Validation
  • Stressed. Worries about the future

Some of the behaviours of the higher self:

  • Accepting of self & of others
  • Takes responsibility
  • Grateful
  • Focussed & aware of present moment
  • Feels good enough
  • Secure in oneself. INTERNAL validation
  • Relaxed and trusts what is to come

We should never practise to get rid of our ego mind. However it is important that we don't allow our ego to control us. We meditate to practise awareness & discernment around what is ego and fear based thinking and giving preference to our higher consciousness. We are so much more powerful than what our ego mind likes to let on.

When we listen more to our higher self and subconscious mind, beautiful things happen.