The first iteration of Calma Places started 10 years ago, however I never had the gumption to follow through with it and held on to my Corporate Media career. In 2021, the push to leave everything I knew was my crumbling tower moment. Round 2 of birthing Calma Places has been a completely surreal and divinely guided experience. The more I let go, and trust my path, the more it all falls into alignment.

Walking away from who I was forcing myself to be has allowed me to heal my own wounds through energy work and meditation, gradually revealing and experiencing my own light within. I now remember who I am and what I came here to do in this lifetime.

Calma Places allows me to assist others with relieving stress, anxiety and achieving deeper states of relaxation. Holding a safe space for others to open the door within to heal heavy energetic wounds and peel back the layers to reveal their own light within is the work I've been called to do. 

I am so grateful to have you read these words and hope that I can help you find your own calm space within and maybe even experience the beauty of your own light.

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