Hello. This Is Me...

My name is Kristen and I am a certified Energy Healer and Meditation practitioner.

It has taken me a decade to finally surrender and follow my heart's desire to work in the holistic and spiritual space. Prior to this world, I worked in the corporate media industry for 20 years and played my role in the matrix...which left me utterly exhausted at minimum. Energy healing and meditation has been a natural, familiar and deeply sacred part of my life for a very long time. Confidence, self esteem and caring what others thought, has held me back from coming out of my spiritual closet.

However now is the time to step forward and share my gifts and experiences with people. The world is changing, we are changing and now is the time to start listening to our own intuition. To stop taking part in the external chaos and distractions and go within to find our own power of self.

This is the work I am called to do; to help others go within to find their space of calmness; to help others give their awareness over to the intuitive heart and focus less on the egoic, logic and overthinking mind.

I work with people to help them open up and find the spaces within them to heal, grow and flourish. Meditation is the foundation for all spiritual and energetic work. Once we have a dedicated meditation practise, our own gentle healing starts to take place and we naturally become our truest self without the self doubt and low vibe emotions.

I love what I do and I am so gratuitous that I am doing the work that is line with my true life's purpose.

I developed Calma Places to help you create your own space within, which is calming and motivating, where you can reflect, unwind, deeply heal and find balance in your life.

I hope to work with you one day - if you would like to chat further, let's do it!  Energy work and meditation are all about resonance so lets see if we connect.