How I cleanse my energy DAILY!

Ensuring my energy field is clear and clean is a daily practise.

I struggle immediately and feel off when I am carrying someone else's energy in my field and body.

The realisation that for most of my life, the dense, dark and low emotions weren't actually mine a lot of the time, allowed me to take control and be accountable for my own energy hygiene.

How to tell when your energy field needs clearing? Poor energy hygiene feels like:

Exhaustion. Irritability.

Needing to be alone.

Overthinking Mind.

Displaced Emotions - Feeling sad, irritable, depressed and not sure why...

Heaviness in body and mind.

The practises that I partake in daily to help cleanse, clear and protect my energy are super simple:

I meditate. Take salt baths.

I burn incense and sage.

I practise self energy healings.

I sit in the sun, get fresh air, walk and move my body.

I clean all layers of my being. Emotional. Physical. Mental. D A  I L Y.

I release all energy that does not belong to me at the end of each day. I definitely cannot be me, if I'm carrying everybody's dense energy from walking through the supermarket!

Start your own energy hygiene ritual and make it a daily practise. The more clear and clean our energy field is, the lighter we feel and the more at ease our lives become. This is the vibration we need to sink into to allow for all of our miracles to take place.

If your curious about energy healing, I encourage you to lean in and give yourself the experience here.