The Magic of Incense.

Using incense in meditation aids in the relaxation of the mind and body. It cleanses and clears your space from stagnant energy whilst also clearing the thoughts and emotions from the busy mind. I always start my meditation practise with burning lose sage leaves to clear the space of any dense energy. I then light my incense to add a sense of ritual. The aroma softly calms my mind and gets me ready for a beautiful meditation practise.

I have experimented with many scents in my spiritual practises and the stand out for me has been with the most purest and natural forms of incense. This being resins and dried herbs. 

Resins are obtained from the sap, bark roots or wood of trees, shrubs and plants. Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin, Copal, Dragon's Blood and Palo Santo are among the most popular varieties of resin used. Unlike incense sticks, there is a little bit of work involved in burning the resin as it does not burn on it's own. You need to have a few tools and apparatus in order to burn the resin and put some time into the process. However, it is all worth it as the scents and aroma are next level and the meditation experience is profoundly deepened.

Dried herbs on their own also create a potent and punchy aroma - for me, the punchier a scent the better. However for most, the strong scent of burning lose sage leaves can be a little bit too strong so more common incense sticks, cones etc can be a more pleasant option.

Dried herbs and resins also offer their own unique healing properties. When working with energy and energy healing, these properties are extremely beneficial and also extremely sacred. Their use needs to be taken with a sense of ritual as the power they offer us in healing can be profound. As such, I always burn my resins and herbs with a great deal of respect.

Opening yourself up to work with the healing properties of these herbs and resins is truly a magical experience and connects you with an ancient tradition that has been practised for thousands of years.

Incense, resin and dried herbs assist us in expanding our consciousness, healing deep wounds, calming our mind, softening our body and soothing our spirit. 

Allowing the aroma to softly calm your mind and do it's natural energetic work can settle you into a beautiful and heart felt meditation practise.