What is light language?

Light language is an incredible energetic form of communication that we feel. It tends to bypass human limitations around the meaning of words. It is a sacred and vibrational expression that speaks directly to our soul and DNA. 

When we are experiencing light language, we open to how it makes us feel and where we can feel the vibration it presents when receiving it. The more we can remove the filter of our mind, the more we can receive it’s potent energetic imprint within our Soul. 

Light language shifts our energy into a higher frequency. It carries healing, guidance, connection, and so much energy that vibrates within our energy field. I also refer to it as light codes, as when we experience it, it is offering a specific coding that moves through our own energy blueprint.

At the soul level, Light Language can help us heal emotionally and physically, connect to our innate wisdom, connect us with our guides, ancestors, activate dormant gifts and truths, and connect to our highest path.

I hear spoken light language a lot in my healings with others and at times I speak light language in my own meditations and energy activations.

Light language however can also be transmitted through written symbols and also through music, specific binaural beats and toning with the voice. Some people use their hands to sign and move through specific mudras which is incredible to watch.

Light language is unique to every individual and also the particular soul that is bringing it through.

In my experience, light language tends to come through for very ancient souls and people that have a strong cosmic and galactic connection. The light language translates the cosmic energy which they are moving through the Earth plane from the greater Cosmos.

We also all have our own version of light language! The more we sink into stillness and connect within, the more we can use our intention to bring forth our own unique light language. I find it also relies heavily on our own innate timing. When we are ready, it will present itself in it’s own way.

For me, I like to think of light language as the language of my heart essence. It really vibrates through my being when light language comes through for me. It has taken a while to be comfortable with it’s potency. Now when I am working with people, I hear their light language being spoken and It is such an honour to experience.

Stay open to receiving light language. It may start coming across as specific toning with your voice, making certain sounds, clicking of the tongue. Or you may find it presents as movement and mudras with the hands and fingers. Open your heart and stay curious to it's presence and you will be gifted with one of the most sacred and connecting experiences to your own Soul's essence there is.

I'd love to hear you own experiences - please reach out and let me know!