Grounding is a powerful technique that brings your awareness directly into the present moment.

When we ground, we connect ourselves to the earth's energetic heart beat, we feel into our 5 senses, our physical body and pull the focus away from the past and future moments. We find balance in our emotions and connect to our inner essence which is why it is such a powerful experience.

When we are in a state of overwhelm, have intense emotions, sensations that are taking over, grounding is a gentle technique that calms you right down and centres you into your truest being. When we are grounded, our physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies are balanced and connected and we are in our strongest state of consciousness.

I ground before I start my meditation practise. It calms me down and allows me to go more deeply into my technique. Grounding at the start of your meditation practise settles your physical body down, lowers your heart beat and softens your muscles and bones into your seated position. The mind slows down, thoughts settle and you become consciously connected to the practise of meditation.

When I feel like I have lost my connection to my calm state, I simply stop what ever I am doing and ground. I take a breath, close my eyes and feel into my body. I become aware of my internal state. I walk around outside, on the beach and smell the fresh air. I listen to the waves, birds, breeze. I pull my attention back into the moment and go within. My natural state takes over and my mind softens.

Grounding has such a profound impact on my being and the technique is effortless to carry out. The only effort required in grounding, is making the decision to do so - to take control of the ruminating mind and decide to stop and revert to grounding. The more I practise, the less effort there is in making this decision.