Energy Session with Reading ~ Online

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All bookings are done by distance (via Zoom).

In person healing sessions are available depending on accessibility of space - reach out to me directly and we can organise. or Text 0403021163

Energy is not physical and can flow beyond physical space. The process and effectiveness of energy healings done by distance versus a hands-on approach is identical.

Once you book, I will always send you an email in preparation for your session - Please check your junk folder as it is important that you read through the email before we begin! 

Regular energy healing sessions can open you to experience a reduction in stress and anxiety, improvements in various health conditions, more energy and vitality, creativity and concentration.

Results can be profound and visible. At minimum, feelings of lightness, clarity and relaxation can be felt when practising meditation and energy healing. 

Coming into your session with an open mind and holding no expectation on the outcome can set you up for a beautifully profound experience within yourself.

In this session, we work through your chakra energy centres and the attachments to your conscious mind, subconscious mind and physical body. We work to uncover and clear any blockages and also open to the healing energies required for you at this time.

This is a great place to start if you are new to energetic healings!

Please be gentle with yourself after your session.

Drink lots of water and take the time to let the changes integrate into your system. The healing process can take up to 2-3 days and it is normal to feel some emotions and possible symptoms of tiredness during that time.

Post session, you will also receive a detailed report outlining all of the information that is specific to your energetic body.

Prepare yourself by checking out the calming vibes of the Calma Places Energy Healing playlist for an enhanced healing experience.

Please ensure you fill out the mandatory booking form below!