Incorporating Meditation Into Your Day.


This is your guide to kickstarting a meditation practise that lasts, with three simple tips.

Meditation is a beautiful, gentle and profoundly ancient experience. Treating it that way and giving it importance to your day especially on the outset of your meditation practise is going to ensure you have a practise that lasts you a lifetime.


1. Same Time, Same Place

Carve out your meditation as an appointment time in your diary -"Same place, Same time".

That way you are making it a dedicated appointment with no cancellations. You build a natural rythym and you start to look forward to your meditation time. Also look for a time that works for you, that feels good. Mornings are great for some, where as some people prefer night time, just before bed. Feel it out and go with what suits you!

At the same time, it is also best to be flexible in the scenarios where life throws the curve ball. Sometimes, the appointment is going to be missed. In that case, be opportunistic for other moments that present. The best approach is to go with the flow and not repramand yourself for missing a session. Once your practice is established, it's amazing how it becomes a non-negotiable and priority in your day.

 2. Setup Your Dedicated Space

Setup an area where you are undisturbed, feel safe and completely comfortable in. Make it a space that you want to be in. Use candles, incense, pillows and blankets so that when you want to meditate you have everything ready to go. Make it inviting and a space you want to spend time in. Have plants, flowers, beautiful artwork, photos of loved ones or happy memories, crystals - what ever makes your soul feel great, have in your dedicated meditation space.

The more inviting the space, the more time you will want to spend in there. It is also a visual reminder everyday of your meditation practise. It also allows you to be opportunistic with your practise - when you have all of your meditation paraphernalia ready to go, it makes it really simple to jump in and meditate when the opportunity arises unplanned!

3. Join a Meditation Class or Group

Group meditation is a powerful experience. The energy within a group of people meditating is extremely palpable and also promotes a deeper meditation experience.

By joining a regular meditation class or group, gets you into a routine, makes you accountable, opens you to building connections with like minded people and most importantly, It gives you a group of people to talk to about your own meditation struggles.

Meditation classes can be found locally and also online. I recommend doing both if you are starting out on your meditation journey. Meditation is such a beautiful experience and sharing it with like minded souls is a profoundly connecting experience.

Starting out a meditation practise can be filled with such excitement and energy! It can also be filled with stress, annoyance and anxiety which defeats the purpose. Take it easy, be relaxed with your approach and allow it slowly find its own place in your day.

I hope this helps you on our own meditation journey! If you are needing any help, I would love to assist you incorporating a practise that resonates with you.

I offer a 'learn to meditate' course online and also run a weekly meditation class if you are based on the Central Coast, NSW.