What Is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is an alternative healing modality that works with the energetic bodies that flow through the physical body. I work with Reiki, alongside the Ashati and Alsemia healing energies which are channelled through the body and directed to the 7 main energy points or chakras.

Energy Healing is a gentle way to remove stress from the mind and body, work through heavy emotions, cleanse and clear your energy fields and can have profound effects when practised over time.


How can energy healing be done by distance and not in person?

The most powerful healing sessions I have done have been all by distance. Energy is not physical and linear. Our ability to tap into the healing energies and intentionally direct them to someone’s chakra centres can happen in person or by distance. The results and effects are exactly the same. With an open mind, the benefits can be felt stronger when receiving a healing by distance as you are at home in your own space and at your most relaxed.


Are you certified? Are there any formal requirements to practice energy healing and meditation training?

I have trained with the Ashati Institute and am fully certified as both an energy healing practitioner and energy master. I am also certified as an advanced mindfulness meditation teacher with the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness. I am a registered member of the Energy Therapy Association and Meditation Association of Australia.


How long is a healing session? What does it involve?

The healing session involves an introduction chat where we assess where you are at currently. The healing will then take place in which you are guided to relax comfortably for around 20 minutes. I lead you into a meditative state where you simply rest with your eyes closed. I play music that you can tune out to while the healing takes place. Once the healing is complete, we spend some time going through each chakra energy point providing insight and necessary commentary. In total the session will run for 45-60minutes. 


Do I need to prepare prior?

The sessions are done over Zoom and details are sent prior outlining how best to prepare. It is normal to have feelings of anxiety, excitement, anticipation in the lead up to a session. Any questions you have prior, after receiving the preparation details and email, you are welcome to reach out beforehand.


Are there any side effects with a healing session?

The healing session will start a deep healing and clearing process which can last a few hours to a few days. You may feel tired, emotional and a little bit spacey which is completely normal as the healing takes place. It is important to take it easy after a session, drink plenty of water, relax and allow the changes to take place.