Why Use Mala Beads?

I have always been drawn to the gorgeous prayer beads that you see traditional Monks and authentic Guru's wear. These beads are commonly referred to as Mala beads and are sacred in providing healing to the body and mind. They absorb your energy, protect you and amplify your spiritual intention.

A mala is worn to strengthen our meditation practise and also serve as a reminder of our healing intentions.

Mala beads feature the rudraksha bead which is ancient! They are authentically grown as stone fruit, dried and then made into the Mala. Incorporating crystals into my mala's has strengthened the intensity of the energy they exude.

Traditional mala's consist of 108 beads which are often used as a meditation tool. A mantra can be recited repeatedly as you move your fingers along the beads 108 times. This form of meditation is called Japa Mala and has a profound impact when meditating.

My mala beads are so much more than jewelry to me. They are a powerful tool and ally in my meditation practise. I also wear my mala beads as a reminder of the personal intention that I set when I put them on. I wear them when I need to calm my mind, soothe my soul and relax my body. Or when I wish to remain open-minded. On the days I am unable to fit in my meditation practise, I wear my mala beads as a gentle reminder to ground myself and become aware of how I am feeling in my present moment. 

It’s so important to understand that mala's can represent something different to each of us. When choosing a mala, let it guide you in your choice. Surrender, open, soften and relax and feel into the mala that speaks to you.

I wear my mala with reverence and respect as I have actively cultivated a connection between the energy of the mala and my intention. Simply by sitting with my mala in meditation, feeling into each bead and allowing the mala to adjust itself you can create and activate your own beautiful connection.

At times I cleanse my mala simply by placing it in the moonlight, sunlight or using incense and sage. Much ceremony can be added to your own ritual however I like to keep it pretty straightforward.

Mala's are such a gorgeous and powerful ally to my meditation practise and overall sense of being. I wear them regularly out of meditation and I honestly feel a difference in my being.

Be open, surrender and get yourself a mala and I promise you it will be your greatest ally through out your life.

 Check out my own collection and see what mala calls to you here.