What are Angel Numbers?

Growing up, I recall seeing repeated numbers on the clock all the time. I would look at the time and it would be 11:11 or 1:11. As a kid, I dismissed this as luck and something kind of cool. However, as an adult, it continued! Not only did I start seeing repeated numbers on the clock, I would also see these on number plates, bills, on the number of emails I had in my inbox. The number occurrences and synchronicities always happened at times of monumental shifts in my life.

Now, I see repeated numbers daily and lean into the messages and guidance that I have tuned into receiving over time.

Seeing repeated numbers, or Angel Numbers, a term many have affectionately coined, is not a sign that you are not going mad! It is not a placebo or subconsciously forced occurrence.

It's a synchronised message and the more you expand your consciousness, the more you are going to become aware of the powerful messages the Universe wants to give you. 

There are a lot of common synergies with what certain repeated number sequences mean. It is important to stay open and go within in those moments of synchronicity as these repeated numbers have a unique coding and meaning specifically for you.

As a guide, I have shared my own codes and meanings for these repeating number sequences. These are the more common numbers however there are so many more. As you open to these signs, more will start coming through to you. 

I guide you to use your own intuition when receiving these numbers! That is half the fun of working out these messages and strengthening your own relationship with your team in spirit and Universe.

1111 Magic is here! The doors are open. Time to go within and manifest and use the power of your intention.

111 Make your intentions known for the highest and greatest good. 

222 Ground yourself. Soften, relax and open.

333 Super team in spirit is with you. You are being supported by higher vibrations.

444 Have no doubts. You are supported. All is on track.

555 Marvellous, momentus, positive change incoming.

666 Check-It. Balance your thoughts. Get out of the mud, back into middle ground.

777 No fear, luck is here. Stay strong. Roll with it. Keep moving forward. 

888 Abundance is here and incoming. Stay open. Get out of the way.

999 Completion. Fresher days. Fresh Starts.