Calma Places Ultimate Incense

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The ultimate incense created to take you away to Calma Places; to help you calm your mind, soothe your soul, relax your body and energise your spirit!

100 % completely natural and raw materials so the scent is very earthy and not overpowering.

Incense Sticks handmade in India with beautiful oils, herbs, resins & spices.

Each stick has around a 40 minute burn time.

Each resin variety has been partnered with a specific mantra and angel number to create a powerful intention aimed at deepening your meditation and ritual practise and develop your spiritual connection with source:

Go Within, 1111: Frankincense & Myrhh
Roll With It, 777: Pure Australian Sandlewood
Big Love, 222: Sandlewood & Rose
High Vibe, 333: Cedarwood & Lavender

You have the option of buying one box of each scent or as a collection. 

We also have a small amount of the gorgeous solid brass incense burner.

    Light your incense and feel into the intention of what that particular scent offers you.

    Allow the aroma to calm your nerves.

    Breath deeply and slowly.

    Softly close your eyes and remove all resistance as you, ever so gently, begin your journey of going within. 

    Read more about the magic of incense here.