High Vibe Mala

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Mala beads are sacred and provide healing to the body and mind. They absorb your energy, protect you and amplify your spiritual intention.

Mala's are worn to strengthen our meditation practise and also serve as a reminder of our healing intentions.

These mala beads feature ancient rudraksha beads. They are authentically grown, made and blessed in Bali "The Island of the Gods". 

They consist of 108 Mala Beads which are often used as a meditation tool. A mantra can be recited repeatedly as you move your fingers along the beads 108 times.

High Vibe Mala - Featuring Aventurine Stones; Opening into the calm space within, lowering heightened emotions and stress. Bringing yourself into a state of complete peace and lifting you into higher vibrations. 

This mala is unique and holds the energy of it's imprinted mantra: All that blocks my peace is surrendered back to source with love lifting my vibration higher.