Meditation Sessions

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25 June - 23 July - 27 August

Sunday 5:30pm @ The Studio Co. Kincumber, Central Coast NSW.

Guided Meditation to relax your soul and soothe your body. Mats, bolsters, eye pillows and grounding oils all included along with a gorgeous crystal gift each session.

Simply turn up, and wind down.

You will experience:

- a guided meditation to take you into the theta brainwave state where healing and relaxation occurs

- deep and profound relaxation and upgrade to your overall being

- energy update for the month ahead

- opportunity to set intentions for the month ahead

- supportive environment to allow deep rest to the mind, body and soul

Open to all levels - no prior meditation experience necessary. 

About your host:

Kristen is a professional Energy Master Healer and Meditation practitioner and works with people to help them open up and find the spaces within them to heal, grow and flourish.

"Meditation is the foundation for all spiritual and energetic work. Once we have a dedicated meditation practise, our own gentle healing starts to take place and we naturally become our truest self without the self doubt and low vibe emotions".

If you would like to chat further, let's do it!  Energy work and meditation are all about resonance so lets see if we connect.